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Font: 'nvscript'     (Download this font)    (Download font library)
Name of the font in figletized format:
                                                            gg             88888888
                                                            ""                I8
  ,ggg,,ggg,      ggg    gg   ,g,       ,gggg,   ,gggggg,   gg   gg,gggg,     I8
 ,8" "8P" "8,    d8"Yb   88bg,8'8,     dP"  "Yb  dP""""8I   88   I8P"  "Yb    I8
 I8   8I   8I   dP  I8   8I ,8'  Yb   i8'       ,8'    8I   88   I8'    ,8i  ,I8,
,dP   8I   Yb,,dP   I8, ,8I,8'_   8) ,d8,_    _,dP     Y8,_,88,_,I8 _  ,d8' ,d88b,
8P'   8I   `Y88"     "Y8P" P' "YY8P8PP""Y8888PP8P      `Y88P""Y8PI8 YY88888P8P""Y8
(might look strange if the font is a symbol font)

Sample sentence:

(The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.)
dP""""""88""""""",dPYb,                                                       ,dPYb,      ,dPYb,                                                          ,dPYb,                                                                                                                                         I8   ,dPYb,               ,dPYb,                                            8I
Yb,_    88       IP'`Yb                                                       IP'`Yb      IP'`Yb                                                          IP'`Yb                                                                                                                                         I8   IP'`Yb               IP'`Yb                                            8I
 `""    88       I8  8I                                        gg             I8  8I      I8  8I                                                          I8  8I                               gg                                                                                                     88888888I8  8I               I8  8I                                            8I
        88       I8  8'                                        ""             I8  8bgg,   I8  8'                                                          I8  8'                               ""                                                                                                        I8   I8  8'               I8  8'                                            8I
        88       I8 dPgg,    ,ggg,      ,gggg,gg  gg      gg   gg     ,gggg,  I8 dP" "8   I8 dP      ,gggggg,    ,ggggg,   gg    gg    gg   ,ggg,,ggg,    I8 dP    ,ggggg,     ,gg,   ,gg      gg  gg      gg   ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg,   gg,gggg,      ,g,        ,ggggg,     ggg    gg   ,ggg,    ,gggggg,     I8   I8 dPgg,    ,ggg,    I8 dP    ,gggg,gg     ,gggg,  gg     gg     ,gggg,8I    ,ggggg,    ,gggg,gg
        88       I8dP" "8I  i8" "8i    dP"  "Y8I  I8      8I   88    dP"  "Yb I8d8bggP"   I8dP   88ggdP""""8I   dP"  "Y8gggI8    I8    88bg,8" "8P" "8,   I8dP    dP"  "Y8ggg d8""8b,dP"       8I  I8      8I  ,8" "8P" "8P" "8,  I8P"  "Yb    ,8'8,      dP"  "Y8ggg d8"Yb   88bgi8" "8i   dP""""8I     I8   I8dP" "8I  i8" "8i   I8dP    dP"  "Y8I    d8"  Yb  I8     8I    dP"  "Y8I   dP"  "Y8gggdP"  "Y8I
  gg,   88       I8P    I8  I8, ,8I   i8'    ,8I  I8,    ,8I   88   i8'       I8P' "Yb,   I8P    8I ,8'    8I  i8'    ,8I  I8    I8    8I  I8   8I   8I   I8P    i8'    ,8I  dP   ,88"        ,8I  I8,    ,8I  I8   8I   8I   8I  I8'    ,8i  ,8'  Yb    i8'    ,8I  dP  I8   8I  I8, ,8I  ,8'    8I    ,I8,  I8P    I8  I8, ,8I   I8P    i8'    ,8I   dP    dP  I8,   ,8I   i8'    ,8I  i8'    ,8I i8'    ,8I
   "Yb,,8P      ,d8     I8, `YbadP'  ,d8,   ,d8b ,d8b,  ,d8b,_,88,_,d8,_    _,d8    `Yb, ,d8b,  ,8I,dP     Y8,,d8,   ,d8' ,d8,  ,d8,  ,8I ,dP   8I   Yb, ,d8b,_ ,d8,   ,d8',dP  ,dP"Y8,     _,d8I ,d8b,  ,d8b,,dP   8I   8I   Yb,,I8 _  ,d8' ,8'_   8)  ,d8,   ,d8',dP   I8, ,8I  `YbadP' ,dP     Y8,  ,d88b,,d8     I8, `YbadP'  ,d8b,_ ,d8,   ,d8b,,dP  ,adP' ,d8b, ,d8I  ,d8,   ,d8b,,d8,   ,d8',d8,   ,d8I
     "Y8P'      88P     `Y8888P"Y888 P"Y8888P"88d8P'"Y88P"`Y88P""Y8P""Y8888PP88P      Y8 8P'"Y88P"'8P      `Y8P"Y8888P"   P""Y88P""Y88P"  8P'   8I   `Y8 PI8"888P"Y8888P"  8"  dP"   "Y8  888P"8888P'"Y88P"`Y88P'   8I   8I   `Y8PI8 YY88888PP' "YY8P8P P"Y8888P"  8"     "Y8P"  888P"Y8888P      `Y8  8P""Y888P     `Y8888P"Y888 8P'"Y88P"Y8888P"`Y88"   ""Y8d8P""Y88P"888 P"Y8888P"`Y8P"Y8888P"  P"Y8888P"888
                                              I8P                                                                                                         I8 `8,                             ,d8I'                                I8                                                                                                                       ,d8I'      ,d8I'                               ,d8I'
                                              I8'                                                                                                         I8  `8,                          ,dP'8I                                 I8                                                                                                                     ,dP'8I     ,dP'8I                              ,dP'8I
                                              I8                                                                                                          I8   8I                         ,8"  8I                                 I8                                                                                                                    ,8"  8I    ,8"  8I                             ,8"  8I
                                              I8                                                                                                          I8   8I                         I8   8I                                 I8                                                                                                                    I8   8I    I8   8I                             I8   8I
                                              I8                                                                                                          I8, ,8'                         `8, ,8I                                 I8                                                                                                                    `8, ,8I    `8, ,8I                             `8, ,8I
                                              I8                                                                                                           "Y8P'                           `Y8P"                                  I8                                                                                                                     `Y8P"      `Y8P"                               `Y8P"

Comments from font file

This comment was included with the font file and propably contains additional information about the font:
Script by Normand Veilleux
FIGlet Font compiled by Jerrad Pierce <>
Prior (independent) conception by Colin Douthwaite

A second set of lowercase characters, with special ligatures,
to follow 'b', 'o', 'v' and 'w' is available. To access them
use the character code 200+the letter of the alphabet
eg; 201 is 'a' 226 is 'z' and 'bomb' is b + 215 + 213 + b

On windows use Alt+# (on the numpad) to enter the code.
For anything else you are on your own.
HINT: perl -e 'print chr(210)' will get you a special j

#The following is applicable for smushmode -1
At times, you will have to delete a portion of the area between
two letters in order for them to connect properly (manual kerning).
In other cases you may have to add an '8' to fill the gap between
the two letters.  In any case, always leave a minimum of two spaces
between the letters (except where they actually touch). This appear
to give the best results.

Explanation of first line:
flf2 - "magic number" for file identification
a    - should always be `a', for now
$    - the "hardblank" -- prints as a blank, but can't be smushed
16    - height of a character
10    - height of a character, not including descenders
25   - max line length (excluding comment lines) + a fudge factor
0   - default smushmode for this font
32   - number of comment lines

Default character table

This table shows the most important Ascii characters in the font:
           ,ggg,        ,ggggggggggg,              ,gggg,             ,gggggggggggg,           ,ggggggg,            ,gggggggggggggg           ,gg,                ,ggg,        gg             ,a8a,                 gg
          dP""8I       dP"""88""""""Y8,          ,88"""Y8b,          dP"""88""""""Y8b,       ,dP""""""Y8b          dP""""""88""""""          i8""8i              dP""Y8b       88            ,8" "8,               dP8,
         dP   88       Yb,  88      `8b         d8"     `Y8          Yb,  88       `8b,      d8'    a  Y8          Yb,_    88                `8,,8'              Yb, `88       88            d8   8b              dP Yb
        dP    88        `"  88      ,8P        d8'   8b  d8           `"  88        `8b      88     "Y8P'           `""    88                 `Y88aaad8           `"  88       88            88   88             ,8  `8,
       ,8'    88            88aaaad8P"        ,8I    "Y88P'               88         Y8      `8baaaa                    ggg88gggg              d8""""Y8,              88aaaaaaa88            88   88             I8   Yb
       d88888888            88""""Y8ba        I8'                         88         d8     ,d8P""""                       88   8             ,8P     8b              88"""""""88            Y8   8P             `8b, `8,
 __   ,8"     88            88      `8b       d8                          88        ,8P     d8"                            88                 dP      Y8              88       88            `8, ,8'              `"Y88888
dP"  ,8P      Y8            88      ,8P       Y8,                         88       ,8P'     Y8,                      gg,   88             _ ,dP'      I8              88       88       8888  "8,8"                   "Y8
Yb,_,dP       `8b,          88_____,d8'       `Yba,,_____,                88______,dP'      `Yba,,_____,              "Yb,,8P             "888,,_____,dP              88       Y8,      `8b,  ,d8b,                    ,88,
 "Y8P"         `Y8         88888888P"           `"Y8888888               888888888P"          `"Y8888888                "Y8P'             a8P"Y888888P"               88       `Y8        "Y88P" "Y8               ,ad88888
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ,dP"'   Yb
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ,8'      I8
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ,8'       I8
                                                                                                                                                                                                               I8,      ,8'

 ,ggg,        gg              ,gggg,           ,ggg, ,ggg,_,ggg,      ,ggg, ,ggggggg,          _,gggggg,_           ,ggggggggggg,              _,ggg,_            ,ggggggggggg,               ,gg,              ,ggggggggggggggg
dP""Y8b       dP             d8" "8I          dP""Y8dP""Y88P""Y8b    dP""Y8,8P"""""Y8b       ,d8P""d8P"Y8b,        dP"""88""""""Y8,           d8P"""Y8b,         dP"""88""""""Y8,            i8""8i            dP""""""88"""""""
Yb, `88      d8'             88  ,dP          Yb, `88'  `88'  `88    Yb, `8dP'     `88      ,d8'   Y8   "8b,dP     Yb,  88      `8b           88,    "8b,        Yb,  88      `8b            `8,,8'            Yb,_    88
 `"  88    ,dP'           8888888P"            `"  88    88    88     `"  88'       88      d8'    `Ybaaad88P'      `"  88      ,8P            "Y8baaa`8b         `"  88      ,8P             `88'              `""    88
     88aaad8"                88                    88    88    88         88        88      8P       `""""Y8            88aaaad8P"                `""" Y8             88aaaad8P"              dP"8,                    88
     88""""Yb,               88                    88    88    88         88        88      8b            d8            88"""""                        d8             88""""Yb,              dP' `8a                   88
     88     "8b         ,aa,_88                    88    88    88         88        88      Y8,          ,8P            88                ,ad8888b,   ,8P             88     "8b            dP'   `Yb                  88
     88      `8i       dP" "88P                    88    88    88         88        88      `Y8,        ,8P'            88                I8P'  `"Y8a,8P'             88      `8i       _ ,dP'     I8            gg,   88
     88       Yb,      Yb,_,d88b,,_                88    88    Y8,        88        Y8,      `Y8b,,__,,d8P'             88                I8b,,___,,888b,_            88       Yb,      "888,,____,dP             "Yb,,8P
     88        Y8       "Y8P"  "Y88888             88    88    `Y8        88        `Y8        `"Y8888P"'               88                 `"Y88888P"' "Y8            88        Y8      a8P"Y88888P"                "Y8P'

 ,ggg,         gg       ,ggg,         ,gg      ,ggg,      gg      ,gg ,ggg,          ,gg     ,ggg,         gg       ,gggggggg,
dP""Y8a        88      dP""Y8a       ,8P      dP""Y8a     88     ,8P dP"""Y8,      ,dP'     dP""Y8a        88      d8P""""""Y8b,
Yb, `88        88      Yb, `88       d8'      Yb, `88     88     d8' Yb,_  "8b,   d8"       Yb, `88        88      88,_a     `8b
 `"  88        88       `"  88       88        `"  88     88     88   `""    Y8,,8P'         `"  88        88      `Y8P"      88
     88        88           88       88            88     88     88           Y88"               88        88                 88
     88        88           I8       8I            88     88     88          ,888b               88        88                d8'
     88        88           `8,     ,8'            88     88     88         d8" "8b,             88       ,88             _,d8'
     88        88            Y8,   ,8P             Y8    ,88,    8P       ,8P'    Y8,            Y8b,___,d888           d8888ba,
     Y8b,____,d88,            Yb,_,dP               Yb,,d8""8b,,dP       d8"       "Yb,           "Y88888P"88,              "Y88b,
      "Y888888P"Y8             "Y8P"                 "88"    "88"      ,8P'          "Y8               ,ad8888              ,d8888
                                                                                                      d8P" 88             ,8P"  88
                                                                                                    ,d8'   88            d8'    88
                                                                                                    d8'    88           d8'    ,88
                                                                                                    88     88           88     d8'
                                                                                                    Y8,_ _,88           Y8,_ _,8P
                                                                                                     "Y888P"             "Y888P"

                        ,dPYb,                                                8I                                    ,dPYb,                                        ,dPYb,
                        IP'`Yb                                                8I                                    IP'`Yb                                        IP'`Yb
                        I8  8I                                                8I                                    I8  8I                                        I8  8I                  gg                        gg
                        I8  8'                                                8I                                    I8  8'                                        I8  8'                  ""                        ""
   ,gggg,gg             I8 dP                    ,gggg,                 ,gggg,8I              ,ggg,                 I8 dP                    ,gggg,gg             I8 dPgg,                gg                        gg
  dP"  "Y8I             I8dP   88gg             dP"  "Yb               dP"  "Y8I             i8" "8i                I8dP                    dP"  "Y8I             I8dP" "8I               88                        8I
 i8'    ,8I             I8P    8I              i8'                    i8'    ,8I             I8, ,8I                I8P                    i8'    ,8I             I8P    I8               88                       ,8I
,d8,   ,d8b,           ,d8b,  ,8I             ,d8,_    _             ,d8,   ,d8b,            `YbadP'               ,d8b,_                 ,d8,   ,d8I            ,d8     I8,            _,88,_                   _,d8I
P"Y8888P"`Y8           8P'"Y88P"'             P""Y8888PP             P"Y8888P"`Y8           888P"Y888              PI8"888                P"Y8888P"888           88P     `Y8            8P""Y8                 888P"888
                                                                                                                    I8 `8,                       ,d8I'                                                            ,d8I'
                                                                                                                    I8  `8,                    ,dP'8I                                                           ,dP'8I
                                                                                                                    I8   8I                   ,8"  8I                                                          ,8"  8I
                                                                                                                    I8   8I                   I8   8I                                                          I8   8I
                                                                                                                    I8, ,8'                   `8, ,8I                                                          `8, ,8I
                                                                                                                     "Y8P'                     `Y8P"                                                            `Y8P"

 ,dPYb,                 ,dPYb,                                                                                                                                                                                    I8
 IP'`Yb                 IP'`Yb                                                                                                                                                                                    I8
 I8  8I                 I8  8I                                                                                                                                                                                 88888888
 I8  8bgg,              I8  8'                                                                                                                                                                                    I8
 I8 dP" "8              I8 dP                   ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg,        ,ggg,,ggg,              ,ggggg,              gg,gggg,                 ,gggg,gg              ,gggggg,                ,g,                    I8
 I8d8bggP"              I8dP                   ,8" "8P" "8P" "8,      ,8" "8P" "8,            dP"  "Y8ggg           I8P"  "Yb               dP"  "Y8I              dP""""8I               ,8'8,                   I8
 I8P' "Yb,              I8P                    I8   8I   8I   8I      I8   8I   8I           i8'    ,8I             I8'    ,8i             i8'    ,8I             ,8'    8I              ,8'  Yb                 ,I8,
,d8    `Yb,            ,d8b,_                 ,dP   8I   8I   Yb,    ,dP   8I   Yb,         ,d8,   ,d8'            ,I8 _  ,d8'            ,d8,   ,d8b            ,dP     Y8,            ,8'_   8)               ,d88b,
88P      Y8            8P'"Y88                8P'   8I   8I   `Y8    8P'   8I   `Y8         P"Y8888P"              PI8 YY88888P           P"Y8888P"88d           8P      `Y8            P' "YY8P8P              8P""Y8
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8P
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8'
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8
                                                                                                                    I8                             I8

 gg      gg                ggg    gg           gg    gg    gg            ,gg,   ,gg          gg     gg                 ,gggg,
 I8      8I               d8"Yb   88bg         I8    I8    88bg         d8""8b,dP"           I8     8I                d8"  Yb
 I8,    ,8I              dP  I8   8I           I8    I8    8I          dP   ,88"             I8,   ,8I               dP    dP
,d8b,  ,d8b,           ,dP   I8, ,8I          ,d8,  ,d8,  ,8I        ,dP  ,dP"Y8,           ,d8b, ,d8I             ,dP  ,adP'
8P'"Y88P"`Y8           8"     "Y8P"           P""Y88P""Y88P"         8"  dP"   "Y8          P""Y88P"888            8"   ""Y8d8
                                                                                                  ,d8I'                  ,d8I'
                                                                                                ,dP'8I                 ,dP'8I
                                                                                               ,8"  8I                ,8"  8I
                                                                                               I8   8I                I8   8I
                                                                                               `8, ,8I                `8, ,8I
                                                                                                `Y8P"                  `Y8P"

                                                                                            ,gg,,ggg,               ,dI8                  gg    gg    gg
                                                                                            P""8P" "8,              P"I8                  88    I8    88bg
                                                                                               8I   8I                I8,                 I8    I8    8I
                                                                                               8I   Yb,               `8b,_               I8,  ,d8,  ,8I
                                                                                               8I   `Y8                "Y88                "Y88P""Y88P"

Note that many fonts contain additional characters not shown here.

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