JavE Image2Ascii batch conversion mode

The button batch conversion in the Image2Ascii tool is intended for converting multiple image files (gif, jpg and some bmp formats are supported) to an ASCII animation.

And here is how it works:

  1. Create a new directory
  2. Extract frames from a movie or animation to files named like in this scheme:
    Where xxxxxxx may be any characters but ciffers. You can also leave out leading 0s from the frame numbers.
  3. Put those files (and nothing else) into the directory from 1.
  4. Load one of those files into the image2ascii converter and adjust size/brightness/algorithm, etc.
  5. Click the button batch conversion
  6. Choose an output format. I recommend using the JMOV ascii animation format.

The JMOV file can then be edited and viewed using the movie editor in JavE or using the open source JavE Player applet.

There are some simple example movies online (Demo 3 is movie that has been created using the description above).

Unfortunately you can not use JavE to extract frames from mpeg/avi animations - so you have to figure out how to do this with other tools. I do not know about those tools, but if you find a good one please let me know.