JavE - JMOV Example Animations

JMOVs are ASCII animations that can be created and edited using the JavE Ascii art editor. To view those animations you can use the JavE player applet - it is an open source project. JMOV animations can also be converted to other formats like Javascript or scrollbar animations.


There are a few example movies available (Your browser has to support Java 1.4 or greater in order to view those animations):
  1. show animation Creating Ascii-Art: Watch Andreas Freise drawing the picture "tshilp".
  2. show animation An animation of zooming into the Mandelbrot set.
  3. show animation A short movie clip converted with the image2ascii converter in batch mode.
  4. show animation A nice animation of a ball by MikeChat.
  5. show animation A nice animation of a snake by MikeChat.
  6. show animation A nice 3D animation of the JavE logo I have created with JavE 1.1a.
  7. show animation The making of Nerd Boy episode 50.
  8. show animation Bubble Bobble - the first JMOV with sound effects.
  9. show animation The fish tank
  10. show animation Apple
  11. show animation Tor
  12. show animation Hands
  13. show animation Maennchen
  14. show animation Elephant
  15. show animation Bug


You have created a JavE Movie? Send it to markus@jave.de and I will put it on this page.
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