JavE - Credits

I would like to thank everybody who in some way contributed to this project.

Special thanks to:

  • karaboz for his cool Asciimator project and very interesting conversation about ASCII art and animations.
  • the people who developed FIGlet and created many nice fonts.
  • Michael Schierl, Andreas Freise, Stefan Jansen, Richard Bubel, Torsten Ullrich , Mike Ricos, VK, Manfred and lastfuture for testing, bug reports, ideas and motivation.
  • VK, Glory and Henry Segerman for their Ascii Art line styles.
  • Margerita for the most beatiful flower :-)
  • Christian 'CeeJay' Jensen for 1001 ideas (or even more) for new features.
  • Joaquim Gândara for his work on the JavaScript movie player and for his great daily Ascii art comic Nerd Boy
  • MJP for cliparts, cool Ascii animations
  • Joey for improvements on the JavE icon
  • Hakim Cassimally for motivation and excellent help with fixing a very bad bug.
  • all the others I have forgotten here...

It was only possible for me to develop this piece of software due to the great help from the people on alt.ascii-art.

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