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WARNING: Developer releases are not stable versions!
They are intended for experienced users who want to see what's next and who want to help me finding bugs.

In order to download the latest stable version go here instead.

Milestone 6.0M2

February 13th, 2005

jave_6.0_M2.zip [1.3MB]

System Requirements

JRE 1.4 or greater installed

What's New

New Features since the last milestone release:
  • Replaced the old FIGlet dialog by the new one from my JFIGlet project
    screenshot JFIGlet editor
  • Improved look and feel on most systems (by switching from AWT to Swing)
  • Auxiliary lines tool simplificated a lot.
    screenshot auxiliary lines tool
  • All tools support automatic scrolling when the mouse cursor is dragged outside the visible part of the document.
  • Menubar contains first icons
  • Increased performance for large documents
  • Lots of changes to the software internals.
  • User preferences are no longer saved into the jave.ini file. The Java Preferences API is used now, which will for example write the preferences to the registry on Windows systems.
  • Improved layout and controls in most dialogs
More Features can be found in the changes from the previous release 6.0 M1.
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