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WARNING: Developer releases are not stable versions!
They are intended for experienced users who want to see what's next and who want to help me finding bugs.

In order to download the latest stable version go here instead.

Release Candidate RC0

February 29th, 2008

jave_6.0_RC0.zip [3.6MB]

System Requirements

JRE 1.6 or greater installed

What's New

New Features since the last milestone release:
  • Added a JRE check at startup in order to report outdated JREs as error. The check is even JRE 1.1 compatible. So migrating from JavE 5 should be a bit easier.
  • New Java Runtime Environment (JRE) requirements: 1.6.0 or greater required to run JavE (this is mainly because the underlying library disy-commons for the user interface has been updated).
  • New image2ascii algorithm "3d" for converting monochrome images to ASCII Art like this:
  • The distribution now contains example files for animations in the /examples/ folder.
  • The experimental VT100-Viewer can now be accessed via menu "Animation" > "Open VT Animation".

    screenshot: VT animation player

    The VT-Viewer has been included with JavE for many versions, but it only could have been started from the command line. You can use it for playing VT (Virtual Terminal, VT100) animations. There is no editing, conversion or export to other formats available yet.

    Example animations are included in the distribution in the folder /examples/vt/

  • Animation editor: Less important controls can be hidden.
  • Animation editor: Added navigation buttons to the toolbar.
  • Renamed the "Mix Characters" checkbox to "Merge Characters" to better reflect its meaning.
  • Tweaked user interface a bit (splash screen, about dialog, toolbar buttons, colors, etc).
  • Hitting the save button on an animation editor will now save the animation, not only a single frame. Also: Removed the "Save" and "Save As..." buttons from the animation menu (since they only duplicated the ones from the file menu).
  • Bugfix: SWF animation export now respects actual frame size.
  • Bugfix: Exception caused by double clicking outside the document when the text tool is active.
  • Bugfix: Version check (menu "Help" > "Check for Updates") did not work on some systems.
  • Lots of other minor improvements and bugfixes.
More Features can be found in the changes from the previous release 6.0 M7.


Your feedback is welcome: Let me know if you find any bugs or inconveniences. Write to markus@jave.de.

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